Slovenian Big Brother Miha and Pero's Racist Remarks Against Bruce Quebral

Two Slovene housemates were automatically nominated by Big Brother due to their unkind racist remarks about Bruce Quebral our Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemate in Slovenia Big Brother.

The two said:
Miha - “Bruce shouldn’t go into the jacuzzi in order not to make the water brown.”
Pero - “He should give his finger into milk in order to make it chocolate.”

What’s wrong with being a brown colored skin? Well, having a brown colored skin is beautiful, it is a perfect color and most white people spent time tanning under the sun to make their skin colored brown or shall we say tan (to sound it sosyal). Anyway, I didn’t say that all white people are racist about skin colors, I am only pointing out the two housemates in Slovene Big Brother – Miha and Pero. I thought they welcomed Bruce warmly in their Big Brother house but suddenly this is what they said…

Shame on you Miha and Pero both of you are pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

It's true..their comments are really shameful.Even if they claim that they're just kidding, no one has any right to degrade our race. Bruce did nothing but good in that house and they should not speak to him like that.I hope that Miha & Pero's nomination would teach them a good lesson.