Mickey wins giant board game and immunity on PBB Season 2

Michael Richard "Mickey" Perz won Big Brother's giant "Snakes and Ladders" board game and immunity from being booted out of the Pinoy Big Brother house in the next round of eviction.

"Congratulations, Mickey! Ikaw ay ligtas sa susunod na round ng nomination (You are safe from being nominated in the next round of eviction) ," Big Brother said.
Heto na ang PBB, unti-unting gumagaya sa style ng Survivor reality show... I wouldn't be surprise if the name will be changed into Survivor Big Brother or worst they will make a PBB survivor edition. And the task that big brother gave to the housemates are so pathetic that you will need to wear animals and other creatures mascots, or sometimes the tasks are too shallow and the housemates complied to it overwhelmingly that they did it sweating a lot because it was a hard task, when in fact even a 10 year old kid can do it. I also observed that the guys are getting queerer… PBB Queer Edition ba ito?

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