Bruce Hot na Hot Pa rin sa Big Brother Slovenia

Dumating na pala si Bruce sa house ng Big Brother Slovenia and the scene was so hot in his few days of stay there… ito nga pics niya while he is working out on a treadmill.

Sayang naman hanggang picture lang makikita ko, kasi wala akong pambayad for 24/7 video coverage sa Big Brother Slovenia…

Pero Ok na rin ito… so para sa inyo, enjoy nalang the photos I posted here… (winks)

More Pics...

The SBB housemates prepared a welcome party for Bruce

Oiii... kita si Ate naka tingin... diba Hottie ang Pinoy representative namin sa Big Brother Slovenia???

Ano ang tinuturo mo dito Bruce? Abakada?

Ibang-iba ang Bath Room nila kay sa Bath room ng PBB house ano... Open sa Slovenia close sa PBB... Close-Open

Ligo lang while camera is rolling... hehehe...

Magkakaintindihan kaya sila nito?


bell pepper said...

i heard that Bruce of Pinoy Big Brother and Tina Of Slovenia Big Brother was blindfolded while being brought to big bother house.Was it true? How can they appreciate the beauty of ones country if they are not being allowed to stroll or at least take a glimpse outside designated BIG BROTHER HOUSE?

Rob said...

Well, that's the Big Brother house rules. Whether you like it or not, if you are a housemate you need to abide with the rules so you can stay for as long as Big Brother is concern. There are punishments when you won’t follow house rules inside the Big Brother’s house. Anyway, they were not sent to other country to see its beauty but to continue and learn something about the culture and ways of that country inside the Big Brother’s House.