By: Queenie

From the pages of a comic book by Sin City's Frank Miller comes the most visual motion picture to ever hit the big screen... 300 it is!!!

Thanks to Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) tricks, 300 is such an eye candy in totality. Indeed, what the movie lacks in substance story-wise, it makes up in its almost unimaginable replica of what transpired in the fierce and blood-soaked Battle of Thermopylae. The plot is quite boring and predictable... SPARTANS refuse to submit themselves to the Persians, they fight for freedom and eventually lost the battle. That's it. Typical right? But what amazes everybody the most is how 300 Spartans with armed with spears, shields and unbelievable wits in combat overpowered the gazillion Persians in hair-raising, spine tingling and heart-stirring battle!!! Whew!

Also hail to the only woman character in the movie, Queen Gorgo of Sparta!!! It surely pays off to be bitchy sometimes. Hehe... =)

So I say, get ready to be overwhelmed not only by stunning and enticing bodies of the 300 Spartans (hahaha) but of their extraordinary combat skills that proved that QUALITY truly outmatches QUANTITY.

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