The Exposed Paris Hilton, Now Exposed Again!!!

Hollywood news:
After One Night in Paris, what more is there left to see of the tabloid-friendly title character?

Plenty, according to the minds behind, a subscription-based Website launched Tuesday that is offering access to a load of Paris Hilton's personal items in exchange for a monthly fee.
What's new with this news? Shocking? No... Paris Hilton is such famous with all these nasty things she did and she even became a recording star. What’s her talent anyway? Video taping her sexual escapade at the hotel, recording her phone conversation and taking pictures of her nude body is not new to the people. So, why are some people drools to pay for a $39.95 monthly subscription to see what we still didn’t see with Paris Hilton? If we only knew Paris Hilton is the brain of all this ideas and she might be the brain for this project.
The site, which charges $39.97 and is teasing potential subscribers with a video still of Hilton soaking in a bubble bath, boasts that its brain trust has "retrieved, catalogued, itemized and digitized every last item" seized from a Los Angeles storage facility in November 2005, when Hilton apparently failed to pay a $208 bill for her sizable locker.
While Hilton's publicist characterized the incident as a bureaucratic mix-up due to a third party's tardiness in settling the tab, the Simple Life star's belongings were sold for $2,775 to an unnamed buyer.

The whole kit and caboodle was then obtained by Phoenix-based broker David Hans Schmidt, otherwise known as the "Sultan of Sleaze" in honor of his ties to the celebrity porn industry.
In August, a 33-piece jewelry collection that was part of the Hilton haul found its way to eBay, where the items were auctioned off to the highest bidder.
I mean, why Paris loves to record all that happened in her life? What’s the purpose on taping the phone conversation with a friend? Maybe because she already planned to sell them in the future and that future is today. According to Hollywoodtuna “it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s the Webmaster behind Actually forget that, the girl’s too dumb to work a computer.” She only knew how to operate a video camera and voice tape recorder. Her representative Elliot Mintz even said: "We certainly are going to explore all of our legal options about this matter." And if they do that I wouldn’t be surprised if they end-up chasing Paris Hilton herself.

Source: The E-news

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