Yul Kwon - The Sole Survivor: Cook Islands (13th Season)

Yul Kwon is originally from the Puka Puka tribe but eventually ended up as part of the Aitutonga tribe. He was perceived as a strategic mastermind but claims that every decision he makes is well consulted with his tribe. In the end, he is the sole survivor of the reality show Survivor: Cook Islands (Season 13).

Survivor: Cook Islands - A Retrospective

Jeff Probst proclaimed, immediately before reading the final jury votes, that this season's Survivor was one of the most entertaining and exciting in the show's history. This is saying something, considering that this was Survivor's thirteenth go-around. While I may not always see eye-to-eye with Probst (this isn't to say I don't love the man; he is absolutely the best host on TV), I agree with him completely here. This season was one of the best that I can remember.

Why? As with all reality shows, it comes down to casting. The large cast of twenty that began the season was unwieldy at the outset, but eventually proved effective, giving the viewers more time to get to know the more dynamic competitors. I certainly think the racially diverse casting had something to do with the high quality of the season. Although conflict of a racial nature was non-existent, the mixing and matching after the initially segregated tribes definitely provided a nice forum for drama.

The number of iterations of tribes was also a solid way to play with the strength of the alliances. Yul, Becky, Sundra, and Ozzy stayed strong. Anything with Jonathan did not. Survivor is a game of alliances and how those alliances keep up as the show goes along. Never was this more evident than this season.


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