Philippine Idol contest, Pinoy na Pinoy Talaga.

Bummer! Pow was eliminated!!!? How miserable this contest is, I am pissed off with the drift of the show. I am very discouraged last night after announcing the result, I bet, if Miguel still continues until the Top 3, I am sure he will be the first Philippine Idol because we can see through the trend of voting, Miguel is always safe because of the power of money, Miguel’s family is filthy rich and this means vote buying is possible. I just wish next time the rules of one vote for one account will be implemented. But, I think it is not possible because the networks wanted money, so the trend is in favor for them, no matter who will be named Philippine Idol, as long as they earn more money through the decayed system of voting.

No, it’s not yet the end of Pow’s career, the battle continues, because not all winners succeed in life. WALA NA AKONG GANA. Sana lang ha, di matanggal si Mau. Boohoo…

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