Miguel Left The Finals To Mau, Gian and Jan.

Finally, everybody’s wish has been given, that is to vote Miguel out from Philippine Idol. Anyway, I didn’t watch the show this week, from performance night to the result night, because I am hopeless about the drift of the previous voting, especially when Pow was voted out. I don’t hate Miguel nor envy him because he made it that far, it’s just unfair for some earlier contestants who are far more deserving than him to be voted off.

I am a bit unkind with Miguel about my comments before, but I realized now that I don’t have to do it to turn Miguel down from his fans. Each of us has its own way and Miguel do it on his way (or shall I say, his Mom do it her way for Miguel). Nevertheless, Miguel is a winner on his own and to be offered by Mr. C on writing a song together for him is a prize that no money can buy. I just hope people won’t give any meaning on Mr. C’s offer to Miguel. (winks) Most people always said that Miguel is too young to be an Idol but I think it is not a hindrance, there are a lot of famous artists who start at a very young age in their career, Sarah Geronimo became a Star For a Night Champion at the age of 16, so with the other artists and Miguel can prove himself too, it is just that he can't please everybody.

We all know (I supposed) that Miguel’s mom carry on for his career on the Philippine Idol voting just to be safe every week. Imagine if that is really true, how much would his mom spent every week just to keep Miguel on top. Now that he was voted out, several colleagues of mine gag by saying that Miguel’s mom is out of budget for all the past weeks of buying votes that is why he plunged last night’s result and was voted out.

At any rate, I am satisfied of the final three of the Philippine Idol. Mau, Gian and Jan, any of them can be a deserving Philippine Idol, but my personal choice is Mau, next is Gian and Jan. Too bad, Pow didn’t make it to the final 3.

The Final 3 will whack their singing prowess at the Araneta Coliseum on December 9 for the final showdown; I am sure Big Dome will be full of Philippine Idol fanatics on that event, because it is the night where the Philippines will choose a representative for the World Idol.

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