DJ Mo Twister, Safe From Wearing A Dress On Philippine Idol

Hey! I am back again to update, but I am a bit late to post this thing.

Ken Dingle didn’t make it to the top 5 last Monday night’s Elimination and saves Mo Twister from wearing a dress. But Ken shows us his being a religious person and dedicated his last song in the competition to God with the lines “Everything I do, I do it for you, Oh God” in his song. Though, Ken was eliminated but it doesn’t mean his dream ended there too. Life and dreams goes on even though he is out of the competition, the perfect example for that is the guest performer Christian Bautista, we all know that Christian didn’t make it on the competition he participated before, but look at him now, he is a star and more famous than his champion contender Eric Santos.

I still can’t believe to the last elimination night’s bottom 3 list. Mau and Jan were in the bottom 3. OMG! What kind of voters we have here? Is this what reflects to the true political elections we had? Come on Idol fans, be a wise voters. Don’t waste your votes for those not deserving to be an Idol. The people just put the 2 best of the final 6 last Monday night in the bottom 3 and what’s next? Eliminate those who are the true idols? Or they just don’t know the rule of the voting in which to vote for the best to be safe and instead they vote the worst thinking to vote them out, just like the Survivor reality TV’s rule. But thanks; Mau and Jan are still safe in the competition.

Anyway, Mo Twister’s tactlessness was out again last Sunday and Monday night that made him controversial even more when he said that if Ken Dingle continues to stay in the competition, he will wear a dress for a week. I kinda like Mo Twister to be a permanent Philippine Idol Judge and will be Simon Cowell’s counterpart. We all know it that its been few weeks Francis M is not available for the show. Anyway, FM’s judging style for me is not as cruel and mean as Mo Twister did. I want to see more of a very Simon Cowell on Philippine Idols next seasons in Mo Twister’s persona.

By the way, before I end this post. Next week’s theme will be Movie and Musical with guest judge Miss Lea Salongga. I can’t wait to see the performance night this coming Sunday.

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