Philippine Idol's Tunog Pinoy Band Theme

Gian opened the performance night with his version of “Pare Ko” by Eraserheads. Though, he looked good on stage but still there’s this nervousness you can feel in his performance but he did well. It was a very good opening according to Mr. C and Mamita said, “Maski anong kanta bagay kay Gian, para sa akin okay ka.” Kiko, was not available last night so instead they have Wency Cornejo as Kiko’s proxy, Wency said, “You look very comfortable on stage but I don’t think the song works with your voice.”

“Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal was Apple’s piece last night, with matching rock outfit; Apple really looked like a real Rockstar on stage. Wency loves the way she sang but she have flat notes somewhere in the song, Mamita said, “bagay na bagay siya sa kanta, from her looks to the song”, but Mr. C wanted to hear her something more intimate and personal.

Next was Miguel by hitting the “Harana” of Parokya ni Edgar. Miguel looks so relax on stage and Wency said that the song really works because of the arrangement but Mamita opposed it by saying “it didn’t work for me, may kulang pa para sa akin”. But Mr. C advised him to finish his high school first after saying that his performance went very well.

Neo Colors’ “Tuloy Pa Rin” was Jan’s choice, he confidently delivered his piece but Mamita didn’t like him that night, Wency even said “hindi ko naramdaman na nag-eenjoy ka.” Hahaha… what a comment from Wency, I don’t know about him but for me Jan connected to the song while singing it. Maybe Wency interpreted the song differently from Jan’s interpretation so he said it that way. However, Mr. C whacked him by saying “dami mong notes na kahit saan napunta”.

Subsequently, Jeli started her version of “Paglisan” by Color It Red with a bad timing. That is why, Wency recognized it by saying “ang sama ng timing, it felt like you are not prepared”. But as always, Mamita only commented only Jeli’s looks and said “ I like your looks tonight”, well, I just hope it helped reminding the people to cast their votes for Jeli. “Every week we see how weak you are”, Mr C commented.

So slow yet the best performer of the night. Mau banged Freestyle’s “So Slow”. She performed it professionally, I think Mau is the best among the finalist left, she always did before, so no doubt she wow the Judges and the audience last night. Even Mamita, congratulate her by doing it very well and it was the strongest performance according to Wency. “Ikaw lang ang pinalakpakan ng mga tao dito”, told Mr. C.

Ken forgot some parts of the lyrics while singing “Ligaya” of Eraserheads, though he gave some efforts in his performance last night however, it wasn’t that perfect. “It was such a big mistake, forgetting the lyrics of the song”, said Wency. Indeed, it was such a big mistake, each contestant has a week to memorized and prepare for their piece but Ken wasn’t that lucky. Sumablay siya sa lyrics, that is why Mamita told him, “you should have prepared better in memorizing”. Worst than that Mr. C told him that “your journey for Philippine Idol should end sooner”. Ouch! Those are very sharp words from Mr. C.

Anyway, Arms Cruz put on stage “Makita Kang Muli” by Sugarfree, one of my favorite OPM songs. She did the performance very well, that is why Wency’s hair stood up and said “all night I’ve been waiting for this to make my hair stand-up”, “pinatayo mo” he added. Mr. C said “we have to ask the people to vote for you, you are our Philippine Idol.” Indeed, Arms is a very talented lady with a wonderful voice.

Finally, Pow comes next, she chose Side A’s “Forevermore”, though she dress-up differently among the typical woman but her singing performance wasn’t that different, she sang pretty well, that makes Wency said “for me that was a fantastic performance”, “among all nine contestants, you came out as the most confident”. But Mamita said that she heard a lot of flats and sharps on Pow’s performance and that made Mr. C telling her (Pow) that “tulungan mo ako, kasi baka mapapahiya ako, because I predicted you to be the first Philippine Idol".

That’s it! All the performances were great, though some of the judges’ comments were not that good for some of the contestants but it is the votes of the people are more important. It’s up to the people to believe to the judges or not, but for me the voter’s should listen to their own instinct and vote for what is in their heart. Vote for those who are truly deserving for the title as the first Philippine Idol.

To vote through text, just key-in to your cell phones the contestant’s name and send it to 2339 or dial through PLDT landlines 1 908 5 IDOL 01 to 09, depending on the idol’s number . Voting ends at 8:30 PM tonight, Sunday.

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