Celebrity Tattoo

Having a body tattoo or ear piercing has been banned by my father to the family, so even if I want to have coolest design tattoo, I still can’t satisfy myself because I can’t show it in public because my dad forbids me to have it even piercing my ear. But, looking at these tattoo pictures I can resist of having it even by just having it on my desktop items. I’ve been fascinated with those artsy tattoos of famous celebrities like Ben Affleck, David Beckham, even Orlando Bloom and a lot more. How can be my dad was so conservative about having tattoo? when it’s all about fashion.

Hmmm… maybe I should try having a Henna tattoo so that if my dad will see it, I’ll just tell him its just temporary and in that way he will cool down and will like seeing me having a piece of art on my body.

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