Battle of The Band

I slept so late last Friday, September 8, 2006, because I watched the Battle of the bands competition in our Barangay, where joined by some local and amateur bands in the city and my Brother’s band too, they joined just to have the experience and practice their talents in front of the crowd. Sad to say they didn’t win but I am proud to have him lookup at the stage of the barangay hall.

Ever since, it is my dream to perform on stage, but I just don’t have the guts and courage to stand up on stage with so many people watching me. That’s why I support my brother’s passion of music and I am welling to give what I can for him to succeed in the music industry.

My brother, Ronald, loves to play rock alternative music and is also a lead guitarist of their band. Since high school he really loves to play guitar, he always escape from his class just to go to his bandmates to play and sometimes, I let him do the guitar while I am singing in our free time together at home. Now, he is with the band and I am happy for him. I just pray for them to make a hit in the music industry. Rock on bro!

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