Philippine Idol is Coming to our Country

Okay, it’s finally here and aspiring singers just can’t wait for the audition to start. Well I am talking about the world’s famous Singing Talent Search on TV, the “American Idol”, but this time it’s in the Philippines and of course it will be called “Philippine Idol” according to Perci Intalan, ABC’s vice president for creative and Entertainment Production.

One Philippine TV network, the ABC 5 acquired the franchise for the “American Idol” from the producer, FramantleMedia. ABC 5 is the Philippine network who shows the American Idol seasons until now and the only channel where I can take a peek for the AI since we don’t have cable TV at home (not bad enough).

By the way I’ve heard that the Auditions will start sometime this May or June, and screenings will be held at satellite offices in SM malls all over the country, I supposed maybe it’s only on the major cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao. I just hope they will consider other small cities and provinces if they really want to hunt for the singing talent. I am thinking if maybe I can have my audition sometime just to try my luck and to prove to myself if I really have the talent or I am just hopeless singer. Nahhh… I don’t think so… maybe sometime maybe not.

I also read Ryan Agoncillo will be one of the hosts of the program, Ryan Agoncillo was chosen not only because they have the same name with the American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, but because Ryan is a good host and we can attest to that, just like his present talk show program Y! Speak Live with former PBB housemate turn PBB host Bianca Gonzalez. The Judges will be Ryan Cayabyab a composer and Musician, Lea Salonga an international stage actress and singer and the Concert King, Mr. Martin Nievera. I just hope to all the judges that there’s no Simon attitude between the three.

To all singer aspirants out there, be prepared because the program is scheduled sometime July 2006.

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