Chris Daughtry, Voted out at the American Idol!

I was surprised when I heard the news that Chris Daughtry was voted out at the American Idol and didn’t make it to the Final 3. I watched the show that night but didn’t bother to watch the whole show and changed to other channel because I am confident enough that Chris cannot be eliminated and will make it to the Final 3 and become the American Idol for this season.
Oh boy, Chris, you are still the American Idol for me even though you didn’t make it, but we all know, a lot of people know that you are awesome and true American Idol. In fact Simon said that night that Katharine should go based on the performances last night and a lot of people predicted that Chris would be the next American Idol. Don’t worry Chris, you can still be an artist that you dream to be, you can still continue your dream to make it into the music industry, especially in Hollywood.
Anyway, unfortunately the people come up with thier decisions and ended up to the final 3, Elliott Yamin, Katharine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. Since Chris Daughtry was voted out, I would choose Elliott Yamin to be the next American Idol for this season.

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