American Idol is Through for Elliot Yamin last Wednesday

Mostly everybody was surprised when the result was announced Wednesday night’s American Idol. Elliot Yamin didn’t make it to the final two, but the audience stood and clapped as a symbol of respect to the exit of the show’s (American Idol) best and most sensitive male singer from Richmond, Va.

"Your songs are not going to carry you through to next week - that's the problem," Cowell told Yamin, who had performed a cover of Ray Charles' "I Believe to My Soul."

"However, you are a great guy. You are a great singer. And whatever happens, you will make your mom very proud for what you've achieved for this competition."

Yamin even told Ryan Seacrest “he felt truly blessed.” “I hope it doesn’t stop here”. Yes, it doesn’t stop here Elliott coz a lot of people believe in you and will support you along the way.

This contest is really unpredictable because it is the people (millions of people) who choose the winner and not just 3 judges. Last week I was so surprised with the result of Chris exit and instead choose Elliott Yamin to win for this season but my instinct didn’t tell what it is used to be. Before, I chose Chris Daughtry but was eliminated, then comes Elliot Yamin but unfortunately also removed to be in the final two. I think what will I pick is the one who will be out, so for the remaining 2, I would rather not say anything, let us give the peoples choice be at the top and become American Idol for this season.

As we all knew, the results of the votes were so close for only thin margin against each of the three contestants. So nobody can predict who will be the Ultimate American Idol.

The final judgment will be exposed this Wednesday for the duration of a live, two-hour finale. Is it Katharine or Taylor? People, you are the one to decide. Vote for the best.

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