The Numa Numa Dance - Gary Brolsma

Just browsing the net for funny video just to relax my mind, but after watching bunch of videos I came over to this Numa numa dance, its sounds interesting so I clicked it and wait for the video to play. When it was playing I sit straight and focused on the video because it really catches my attention. Mr. Gary Brolsma did a good video, for me there’s nothing he should be ashamed of, in fact I am proud of him because his work, art or whatever we call it is amazing and entertaining.

Gary Brolsma amazed me, I wonder why he should be ashamed and declined on some offers and guest appearances on TV. Anyway it is his decision and I respect that. Well, anyway Gary’s name hit the WWW and he rocks on the web.

Numa Numa dance is a video of Mr. Gary Bolsma lip-synching on his webcam the Pop tune Romanian version of “Dragostea Din Tei” in English it is "Love From the Linden Trees.” It was submitted to website around December 2004 and it has been featured in newspapers, TV news, Radio and other TV shows like NBC, Good morning America, CBS news and other big networks in USA.

Mr. Gary Brolsma now sought refuge in his family from his fame in their small house. He is dejects around the house according to his relatives and the worst is no one really understand him.

I don’t know if it is OK to give the link to the video but I was entertained, click here for the video link.


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