The chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

The movie is 8/10 for me. I watched it two times and will watch it again. The Movie showed me my fantasy place of the Narnia. I like the actors and actresses of this movie especially the four children in this movie. They act so well that I like the movie more because they acted great, Lucy the younger sister is cute and with her young age, she acts so well. Susan, I think she has no much role in this movie. I like Edmund ‘s character here, he is the deceiver of his sisters and brother and a selfish one, he did act well with this character. Peter, I like his character here, he acted right like what is in the book/story. But when I’ve heard about the witch, I pictured it out as an ugly witch with long pointed nose, wearing black dress and riding on a broom stick, she is supposed to look like evil (The Witch look) but when I saw the witch, I thought she was the Queen or the fairy of Narnia, she is beautiful and she doesn’t look like a witch for me. Some said it was over done but for me it was just right, because she was called the white witch, so she should look like it was in the movie because of the title as “White Witch”. The score is best. The music is just right for every settings/events the movie has. The art of the movie is so good, I like the settings of the story especially Narnia, its just right for my fantasy a Narnia place should be. The special effects really works good, the different creatures and especially Aslan’s facial expression as a talking lion really shows when he talks. Overall the movie is great, a two thumbs-up for me.


JoyceB said...

You should really read the books - I've read the first two to my children (the Magician's Nephew & The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe) they are terrific books, I'm in my 30s and I'd read them just for myself if my kids weren't begging to hear them.

Also - yes the witch is suppose to be beautiful - it the first book (nephew) we find out that her beauty is a part of her magic... she uses it to help her bend males to her will - while the females in the story see her as just a tall woman... OK too long already. Really - you should read the books, though.

Rob said...

Thanks joyce... I only listen to the audio books from free downloads... I wanted to buy the book but seems can't afford yet... hehehe...